Terms and Conditions

  • Membership is dependent on a monthly membership fee of R350, or once-off payment of an annual R3,500 membership fee used for the associations day to day workings, and to fund in part some of our industry awareness programs and efforts.


  • LPP is a voluntary organisation intended to train, equip and inform new and existing Lightning Protection Practitioners on relevant standards, methods and all things relating to Lightning Protection. LPP does not endorse, nor is LPP part of any of its voluntary affiliated members’ businesses in any way or form, directly or indirectly. LPP disclaims itself, and any of its directors and other members, from any legal action or disputes that may arise from any of its member’s business or private activities of any and all kind.
  • LPP and its directors and members reserve the right to not be legally pursued for any member’s personal opinions in any way, form or fashion. Although standards, best practices and industry-accepted methods are discussed, encouraged and trained to members, members operate in their own capacity and in their own businesses, over which LPP, its directors and other members do not have any jurisdiction or control.
  • All LPP members are independent contractors and businesses of their own unrelated to LPP, except for being voluntary members for the benefits it provides members.
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