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Shielding the Industry

The Lightning Protection Practitioners Association


Being a member of LPP - you will get extensive exposure on a regular basis to: New LP suppliers, new LP products, and new, alternate, better methods of solving old installation headaches.


Members are encouraged to attend training seminars for credits, similar to CPD points. There is formal, informal, web-based as well as practical training available, and even external training at negotiated discounts for members.


Through your studies, you will receive extensive exposure to the relevant SANS standards on a platform, where you can ask any of your peers, trainers, or LPP association management to clarify or clear misconceptions or grey areas.


Being a member of a recognised industry body automatically gives you a certain level of credibility and backup.

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Our concept idea is to assist and encourage all industry role players, to understand and employ standards-based Lightning Protection Systems’ (LPS) supply, design, installation and testing procedures universally while at the same time encouraging industry best practices.

Further benefits include:

  • Attending of external courses, association seminars and training, is made readily accessible.
  • Exposure to new concepts and methodologies – understanding of the standards to protect the industry.
  • New products, new suppliers, and exposure to public/insurance work, as searched by users of our site and end-users.



Here are some of the key steps you will take when applying.

  • Apply online. Select a payment package (billed either monthly or annually).
  • Complete the required forms and confirm adherence to our Terms and Conditions.
  • Make an online payment for the sign-up fee and first month’s membership fee.
  • Complete the form to set up your member page/company listing.
  • Receive your free training followed by a get to know session with one of the association membes.
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All of the LPP directors are LP professionals themselves, some of us are also members of the SANS 10313 Working Group at the SABS.

This gives our association a voice and some influence, as to what is written into SANS 10313 – making it fair towards the public as well as toward LP contractors.

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Get to know us


LPP website is part of the LP Contractor’s broader Training and Marketing toolbox. We aim to provide readily available access and knowledge that a basic installer needs to know as an absolute minimum.

The LPP website is your new starting point to become a knowledgeable LP Contractor, and if you are sure you have the knowledge – it’s a place where you can share your knowledge and experience with your peers on the other side of the country where the person or company you are helping, is not your direct opposition. We do not condone personal opinion based solutions that do not work and do not conform to the set standards. Instead, we equip LP contractors to the preferred alternative – standards-based solutions.

LPP is made up of other LP contractors like yourself – normal people, doing extraordinary and amazing work, saving people, saving property. We all talk the same technical language. Join us.



LPP as an association was born from the need to have LP Contractors given a united front, from where the consumer, the developer, the building contractor, the engineering sector, as well as the insurance market, can source a reputable, knowledgeable, well informed and universally coherent Lightning Protection Specialist.

For too long, untrained and uninformed so-called lightning contractors quoted and delivered LP related services, which the public and end-user saw only as opinion based smoke and mirrors. We owe it to the consumer, to give them real solutions. Universally understood and interpreted internationally accepted standards-based solutions that really work – no questions asked. Here we are.

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ARE YOU ready?


With easy sign-up and immediate online payment capability, your application to become a recognised LPP Member is well on its way.

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Sign up today and get free access to the Module 1 – Basic Principles course. This course lays the foundation in your development as a lightning protection practitioner / engineer.